“Whisky on Beer” Documentary Enters it’s Final Week

Once a staple within the South Florida Hardcore scene, and infamously known for their clinically insane antics, Load lived a punk rock story worth telling. As the South Florida history books will show, tradgedy struck the the band not once, but twice, in the untimely deaths of their guitarist Jeff Tucci, and their charismatic and almost Kurt Cobain-like lead singer, Bobby “Load” Johnston.

But it was the hard & fast life that they lived so recklessly, that the stories created will possibly light up the silver screen... click to read more

And it’s their yet-to-be-released documentary “Whiskey on Beer” that aims to do just that. It’s a crowd-funded affair, with an in-progress campaign that can be found on IndieGoGo.

The campaign, however, has entered it’s final week, and as I write this, they’ve raised approximately $6,680 of the stated $10,500 needed. It’s gonna be a play at the plate, folks!

You can contribute to the “Whiskey on Beer” campaign here:


When I think back of Load antics, I think of the time Bobby jumped off of the stage mid-set while playing to a packed house, opening for The Ramones. He crowd-surfed to the bar, and proceeded to order a drink, while his bandmates attempted to call him back to the mic.

Jeff Tucci, who made the Miami New Times 10 Best Punk Guitarists of All Time list, passed away in November 2014. Aside from his central role in Load, Tucci also had stints in Jack Off Jill and Middle Finger Mob. It would give justice and redemption to have this documentary made, in memory of both Bobby Johnston and Jeff as well.

They would toast themselves, and us down here as well, from Heaven, knowing that their Punk Rock Tale will told to the masses, once and for all…

Brian Bender

Editor -Urban Warrior

Slayer Drop New Track, “Repentless”, New Artwork.

Some things are so strong and unrelenting in life, that they leave a lasting impression in death. Jeff Hanneman may have passed on a few years back, but his soul and signature sound are alive and well, and dearly paid tribute to on this seething release from Slayer. Dubbed the “Hannem-Anthem” by Slayer guitarist Kerry King, who wrote and dedicated the song to his friend and former collaborator, the track is a hurricane of speed and power, not only showing Slayer in absolute top form, but riff-wise and sonically sounding like they did in their “Reign in Blood” heyday… Click To Read More & See The Video



The Interrupters – Ska’s “Lightning in a Bottle”

           My first exposure to The Interrupters was on the way to seeing them in a live performance, when they opened for hardcore punk legends 7 Seconds at Churchills Pub. A friend of mine, a big fan of all things Ska and the 2 Tone sound that emerged out of the U.K., popped his iPod into the auxiliary port and hit play… (Click Here to Continue Reading)

The Interrupters debut CD

“Take Back The Power ”, the lead-off track of The Interrupters self-titled debut, came ripping into consciousness, searing holes in my speakers and opening up a fresh gash in the side of my head, as if I was slugged by a Ska baseball bat.

All of a sudden, 7 Seconds wasn’t the highlight of the evening anymore… (Click Here to Continue Reading….)


When In This Moment first came across the Urban Warrior radar, it was with their raucous remake of Blondie’s classic “Call Me”. The first thing that jumped out and grabbed me, by the balls, I should add, was Maria Brink’s Uber-Intense and emotion riddled vocal delivery… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Fast forward to December 2013, when Maria & crew drops “Whore”, the 3rd single off of their 4th studio album, “Blood”. Clearly, they have been sharpening their chops into the sharpest of knives…


bitSMASH Records T-Shirt … Representin’ South Florida ROCK ‘N’ ROLL !

bitSMASH Records, based in the emerging Rock ‘n’Roll town of Miami, FL, is constantly scouring the underground scene for raw and unbridled talent. It’s roster includes The Distant Sinners, a rough-edged Punk / Rock ‘n’ Roll act, & local spinster DJ Cystymatic. Distant Sinner guitarist Brian Bender created the Logo & T-Shirts… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


bitSMASH T-Shirt

“Most people don’t think of Miami as a Rock ‘n’ Roll town, they think it’s all Hip Hop & DJ’s, which there’s alot of, & that’s cool, too,” explains Brian, “but if you look just below the surface… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


But if they keep delivering nuclear powered performances like their recent single “Committed”, it’s not going to be possible to keep the lid on this sucker… Guitarist / Vocalist Kimberly Freeman and Drummer Jason Rufuss Sewell, a.k.a. “Junior”, (CLICK to read more…)

CLICK to read the One-Eyed Doll Feature

IF COURTNEY LOVE & MARILYN MANSON HAD A LOVE CHILD…. With that said, make no mistake about it, Kimberly is TEN TIMES the musician Love could ever dream of being… Her voice has a (CLICK Here to read more…)

Gods of Thunder & Rock ‘n’ Roll – KISS Take Over S. Florida

To say  it’s a Spectacle is an Understatement… It’s the Greatest Show on Earth, and it’s just as Overwhelming today as it was in the 70′s. And I’m still reduced to rubble when the lights go down and the P.A. System booms that infamous warning…

“You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best… The Hottest Band in the World… KISS !!!!!”

KISS Live - Gods of Thunder

KISS Live – Gods of Thunder

When KISS played live at the Cruzan Ampitheater, the Urban Warrior Crew was there to capture the action. After an opening set by Motley Crue, rock icons Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, & Crew knocked off hit after hit, leaving no stone unturned. Click Here to see the Visual Onslaught known as KISS !!!!!!!!

Radio-Boxer – The Anti-Hero of South Florida Rock ‘n’ Roll

The first thing that hits you when you witness a Radioboxer live show is the unparalleled display of energy. Led by the uber-charismatic Vanne Dazza, a fireball of a front woman who could be described as one part Siouxsie Sioux, one part Gwen Stefani, one part Joey Ramone, Radioboxer belt out what they like to call “Bipolar Power Pop”.

With a strong emphasis on the word POWER…

Radio Boxer - The Anti-Hero of South Florida Rock 'n' Roll

Radio Boxer – The Anti-Hero of South Florida Rock ‘n’ Roll

Their 2nd full length effort, “Magic City Ruse”,  Read More…