According to Pornhub, America Bloodthirsty for Lesbian Girl-on-Girl Porn.

By Ava Anna Ellison

According to a nationwide study conducted by XXX Entertainment heavyweights Pornhub, in conjunction with Vocativ, America is craving, and searching for, lesbian porn. The study reveals that 30 states had “Lesbian Porn” as it’s number one searched keyword. While the study was conducted within the tight time frame of only one month, January 2016, it posted sky-high numbers. In California, the term “lesbian” was searched on Pornhub’s site a massive 187,000 times.

Other number one terms topping the lists include “Step Sister” and “Step Mom”, a highly erotic pseudo-incestual subject matter that I’m using heavily as I craft my sequel to “The Dressing Room Mirror”, as well as “Mrs. Cocoplum’s Exchange Student Addiction”, a tale that will reach deep into the world of pseudo-incestual sexuality.

“Cartoon” hit number one in Vermont, Nebraska, and Arkansas. I find myself curious as to which genre of cartoons they were searching for… Was it Japanese anime or hentai? Futanaria or MMD? Or the hysterical parody cartoons of The Simpsons, The Jetsons, and the like. I vote for a much deeper study!!!

“MILF”, “Black”, and “Asian” were the other top number one terms, with “Black” and “Ebony” showing strong presence in the South, and “Asian” coming in first place in Hawaii.


Ava Anna Ellison is an Erotic Novelist and an Urban Warrior contributing author. Her latest erotic work, the extreme science fiction novel “The Dressing Room Mirror”, can be found Here


Slayer Drop New Track, “Repentless”, New Artwork.

Some things are so strong and unrelenting in life, that they leave a lasting impression in death. Jeff Hanneman may have passed on a few years back, but his soul and signature sound are alive and well, and dearly paid tribute to on this seething release from Slayer. Dubbed the “Hannem-Anthem” by Slayer guitarist Kerry King, who wrote and dedicated the song to his friend and former collaborator, the track is a hurricane of speed and power, not only showing Slayer in absolute top form, but riff-wise and sonically sounding like they did in their “Reign in Blood” heyday… Click To Read More & See The Video



The Interrupters – Ska’s “Lightning in a Bottle”

           My first exposure to The Interrupters was on the way to seeing them in a live performance, when they opened for hardcore punk legends 7 Seconds at Churchills Pub. A friend of mine, a big fan of all things Ska and the 2 Tone sound that emerged out of the U.K., popped his iPod into the auxiliary port and hit play… (Click Here to Continue Reading)

The Interrupters debut CD

“Take Back The Power ”, the lead-off track of The Interrupters self-titled debut, came ripping into consciousness, searing holes in my speakers and opening up a fresh gash in the side of my head, as if I was slugged by a Ska baseball bat.

All of a sudden, 7 Seconds wasn’t the highlight of the evening anymore… (Click Here to Continue Reading….)

Ultra Music Festival

The hypnotic beats could be heard from miles away as we once again converged into Bicentennial Park in downtown Miami for the 11th Annual Ultra Music Festival. what started out as a couple of DJ sets jamming out on South Beach has now turned into a juggernaut of a 2 Day festival, and a Spring Break ritual for those that live North of Florida’s borders.

“I always make the trip. regardless of where we start Spring Break…,” said an Alabama Native in town with several of her girlfriends, “We always end it with Ultra in Miami….”

Our adventure kick started with a DJ set by Groove Armada on the main stage.