Urban Warrior Approved T-Shirts – “Wowie in Maui”

As the nationwide Marijuana Revolution continues to gain steam, the staff here at U.W. will through gas on that fire every chance we get. In an ongoing push to legalize weed… (Click To Read More)

Our pick for today is the seriously green “Wowie in Maui” T designed by Redboy

Breaking Bad Ass in a Heisenberg Chemical Logo T-Shirt

In mourning the tragic loss, also commonly known as the Series Finale, of the hopelessly addictive Breaking Bad, we’ve dug up some seriously bad ass Heisenberg and Jesse Pinkman T’s… Click Here to Read More

Our pick for today is the seriously cool logo that die-hard fans will identify as the Bumble Bee on the barrels of Phenylacetic… Click Here to Read More

bitSMASH Records T-Shirt … Representin’ South Florida ROCK ‘N’ ROLL !

bitSMASH Records, based in the emerging Rock ‘n’Roll town of Miami, FL, is constantly scouring the underground scene for raw and unbridled talent. It’s roster includes The Distant Sinners, a rough-edged Punk / Rock ‘n’ Roll act, & local spinster DJ Cystymatic. Distant Sinner guitarist Brian Bender created the Logo & T-Shirts… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


bitSMASH T-Shirt

“Most people don’t think of Miami as a Rock ‘n’ Roll town, they think it’s all Hip Hop & DJ’s, which there’s alot of, & that’s cool, too,” explains Brian, “but if you look just below the surface… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Azzurra Design’s “Axl Rose” & “Behind Blue Eyes”

The vibrancy radiating from Azzurra Design’s color palette pleasantly puts the POP in Pop Art;  the film and rock stars pretentious and distant as subjects, yet bursting with color and attitude.  

Azzurra Design’s POP ART portion of her portfolio is amazingly vivid, with my two favortite pieces being the classicly cool “Axl Rose” shown here, READ MORE…

Azzurra Design's "Axl Rose"

Azzurra Design’s “Axl Rose”

Vivid and Mysterious, Azzurra Design’s “Behind Blue Eyes” conjures up feelings of  Celebrity Chic & Cool. As with the “Axl Rose” piece, as well as numerous works within her Pop Art portfolio, it is quite easy to connect with the devious blonde in this work. READ MORE…

Azzurra Design's "Behind Blue Eyes"

Azzurra Design’s “Behind Blue Eyes”