The Interrupters – Ska’s “Lightning in a Bottle”

           My first exposure to The Interrupters was on the way to seeing them in a live performance, when they opened for hardcore punk legends 7 Seconds at Churchills Pub. A friend of mine, a big fan of all things Ska and the 2 Tone sound that emerged out of the U.K., popped his iPod into the auxiliary port and hit play… (Click Here to Continue Reading)

The Interrupters debut CD

“Take Back The Power ”, the lead-off track of The Interrupters self-titled debut, came ripping into consciousness, searing holes in my speakers and opening up a fresh gash in the side of my head, as if I was slugged by a Ska baseball bat.

All of a sudden, 7 Seconds wasn’t the highlight of the evening anymore… (Click Here to Continue Reading….)

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