Azzurra Design’s “Axl Rose” & “Behind Blue Eyes”

The vibrancy radiating from Azzurra Design’s color palette pleasantly puts the POP in Pop Art;  the film and rock stars pretentious and distant as subjects, yet bursting with color and attitude.  

Azzurra Design’s POP ART portion of her portfolio is amazingly vivid, with my two favortite pieces being the classicly cool “Axl Rose” shown here, READ MORE…

Azzurra Design's "Axl Rose"

Azzurra Design’s “Axl Rose”

Vivid and Mysterious, Azzurra Design’s “Behind Blue Eyes” conjures up feelings of  Celebrity Chic & Cool. As with the “Axl Rose” piece, as well as numerous works within her Pop Art portfolio, it is quite easy to connect with the devious blonde in this work. READ MORE…

Azzurra Design's "Behind Blue Eyes"

Azzurra Design’s “Behind Blue Eyes”

When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough DRINK RUM!!!

Nothing hits the spot like a bunch of Good Friends & a Bottle of Butane!!! Next time you want to belt out a good time, a well-seasoned Master of Ceremonies always has a great drinking game up his sleeve.  So let your inner Capt. Jack Sparrow kick in, & try throwing down one of these drinking games from our Drinking Game Archive at your next shin-dig

Drinking Games Archive

And Remember, If You’re Not Barfing Up A Lung, You’re NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH!!!!

Gods of Thunder & Rock ‘n’ Roll – KISS Take Over S. Florida

To say  it’s a Spectacle is an Understatement… It’s the Greatest Show on Earth, and it’s just as Overwhelming today as it was in the 70′s. And I’m still reduced to rubble when the lights go down and the P.A. System booms that infamous warning…

“You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best… The Hottest Band in the World… KISS !!!!!”

KISS Live - Gods of Thunder

KISS Live – Gods of Thunder

When KISS played live at the Cruzan Ampitheater, the Urban Warrior Crew was there to capture the action. After an opening set by Motley Crue, rock icons Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, & Crew knocked off hit after hit, leaving no stone unturned. Click Here to see the Visual Onslaught known as KISS !!!!!!!!

After Dark Halloween DEAD ZOMBIE Edition

Greetings Party People…

Halloween Hi-Jinks  and Practical Jokers were at an All Time High as Darkness transcended over Coconut Grove this October 31st. What always gives me a kick is the level of effort and detail that goes into a lot of these costumes, as can be seen in our Halloween After Dark Photo Spread.

Take a look, get a kick, maybe a shiver or a thrill, and have fun trying to wipe that Zombie Blood off of your Hands !!!!!

After Dark Halloween Edition

After Dark Halloween Edition


After Dark Archive; Urban Warrior Transformation

Greetings Party People…

As the Halloween Hangover finally settles down, I’ve put together an After Dark archive. This precedes the transformation of a much more user friendly Blog format; a Faster, Leaner, Meaner, GREASED UP AND DIRTY Urban Warrior !!!

I’ve just put the finishing touches on our Coconut Grove Halloween DEAD ZOMBIE After Dark Edition, which i will post as soon as I’m done plucking the Dirty Martini Olives out of my Belly Button. But for now, Click Below to see the After Dark pages of years past; and Brace Yourself for the the future Urban Warrior, which is sure to Skittle Your Grits…

After Dark

After Dark Archive