Radio-Boxer – The Anti-Hero of South Florida Rock ‘n’ Roll

The first thing that hits you when you witness a Radioboxer live show is the unparalleled display of energy. Led by the uber-charismatic Vanne Dazza, a fireball of a front woman who could be described as one part Siouxsie Sioux, one part Gwen Stefani, one part Joey Ramone, Radioboxer belt out what they like to call “Bipolar Power Pop”.

With a strong emphasis on the word POWER…

Radio Boxer - The Anti-Hero of South Florida Rock 'n' Roll

Radio Boxer – The Anti-Hero of South Florida Rock ‘n’ Roll

Their 2nd full length effort, “Magic City Ruse”,  Read More…

Ultra Music Festival

The hypnotic beats could be heard from miles away as we once again converged into Bicentennial Park in downtown Miami for the 11th Annual Ultra Music Festival. what started out as a couple of DJ sets jamming out on South Beach has now turned into a juggernaut of a 2 Day festival, and a Spring Break ritual for those that live North of Florida’s borders.

“I always make the trip. regardless of where we start Spring Break…,” said an Alabama Native in town with several of her girlfriends, “We always end it with Ultra in Miami….”

Our adventure kick started with a DJ set by Groove Armada on the main stage.

In The Studio W/ Rafter

“Because You Belong In My World With Me” Rafter Roberts sings in 2008s “Salt”. And it’s quite an experimental world that the indie producer has created for himself. Musicaly speaking, that is… As the band prepares to enter the studio to lay tracks for their 5th full length effort, we sat down with new drummer and backing vocalist Andrew Robillard for an inside peak behind the studio glass…

In The Studio W/ Rafter

In The Studio W/ Rafter

Tell me about the current Rafter Line-up.

Rafter is currently awesome with me on drums and backing vocals and the main man Rafter Roberts on…